Lapplandsmat – food from Lapland

Our team is focused on bringing good and healthy food on the table. We are dedicated to local food tradition with the Swedish taste. How can we best present it to you if not as our grandmothers made it way back then? Great food can have a fancy suit but in the end, great food shows off by itself.

Our main vision is to help you get the best out of your stay in Lapland and Arvidsjaur. Explore the local food by the camp fire or in a cozy wooden cabin. We also offer catering for private or corporate events.

We also have an environmental vision. Every day we exert ourself to lower the climate impact. We are gradually changing to recycled material and bagasse. Furthermore, we strive to buy as much of the ingredients from the region of Norrbotten. Many of our ingredients are certified organic.

Last but not least, we are beekeepers! Don’t miss to try our locally produced honey when you are visiting us in Auktsjaur.