A place in Lapland that is like a losec for the soul. A stress-free zone where everything is there as you need it, the tranquility and proximity to nature. Within 25 km you will find the freedom and fantastic opportunities to be yourself.

What’s up in Auktsjaur

Auktsjaur is a Swedish spelling of Ávtjakjávrrie which means haggis lake. In 1695 the Sami Nils Mattsson was written for the Lapland tax country Auktsjaur. As the Sami at that time were nomads, there were several different Sami who were written on this Lapp tax land over the years.

Fishing License

Buy your fishing license here
Young people under the age of 20 fish for free and do not need to purchase a fishing license.

Experience nature and tranquility

Good fishing waters, hiking trails and excursion destinations. Why not go paddling or cycling in the forest?

Live in a castle or a Cabin

There is a good range of accommodation here. Do you want to rent a cabin, stay in a simpler hut or in a bed & breakfast? Or if you prefer to just sleep in your own mobile home.

Northern food experiences

Genuine food with local ingredients. If you want a taste of Lapland, this is where you should come.