Social responsibility and sponsorship

The Association for Auktsjaur Development has received a grant of SEK 10 000 from Svea Skog for activities, events, activities, projects or to strengthen its activities.

Sveaskog wants to contribute to the association life in Norrbotten and Västerbotten and to the local development and enable more people to stay in the forest and on the land. Through sponsorship partnerships, Sveaskog wants to increase knowledge of its activities, create good relations and high social commitment.

About the Association
The Association for the Development of Auktsjaur (FAU) is a new start since 2019 of the village’s former association called Auktsjaurs Intresseförening. We have 22 members (families), most of them living in the village of Auktsjaur. In 2021, we applied for funding from the Swedish Agency for Growth for collaboration in the development of various outdoor activities. The work consisted of identifying different outdoor activities together with the villages (villages around Arvidsjaur). Among other things, we identified several paths and shacks that is in need of clearing and renovation. In 2022, we have refurbished the shack at kvarnlobblet in the village, cleared the bushes and built a table and a jetty, and added an outdoor latrine. The snowmobe bridge over the Åby River has also been renovated. The association arranges several summer and winter activities for the villagers and guests such as summer cafe, snowmobile cafe, boules competition, mulled wine hike and fishing competition for children.

Activities in Arena Skogen
The association has a cottage and fireplace at the guerpa – guerpa cottage. It is a popular place in summer and winter and this year we have refurbished the barbecue area and repaired the benches with simple means. There is a toilet next to the cottage but it is completely broken and unclean and has no latrine. The association would like to install a new outdoor toilett in order to get more people, especially older people, to visit the guerpa. Today it is a problem especially for older people, and perhaps also women, to want to walk or make longer excursions because they know that there is no toilet “on the way”. If we could set up a new toilet at the cottage, we will be able to market the cottage better to the elderly of the village.

The association has initiated a collaboration with Svea Skog to refurbish the cultural monument Guerpa. The wall needs to be cleared, the nature path from the turning point to the “courtyard” needs to be prepared, including the removal of stones, so that elderly people with wheelchairs and even wheelchairs can easily get to the “courtyard”. We also want to be able to promote Guerpa as a cultural monument to the villages around Arvidsjaur as an excursion destination .