Collaboration for the development of various outdoor activities

This project is funded by Leader Lapland and the Board of Agriculture.

This project is a collaborative project in the Village Ring, a network of villages linked by the road network to form a ring.
The background to the project is that we have realised that if we work together, we will be stronger and can thus contribute to sustainable development.We believe that collaboration and collaborative projects are a good way to go in order to achieve development and a strengthened village.

The aim of the project is to investigate the possibilities for experiential activities and to explore the possibilities for other implementation projects in the Village Ring.

❖ Explore the possibility of offering e-bike rental in a few strategically selected locations.
❖ Mapping different walking and cycling opportunities.
❖ Explore the possibility of developing walking trails for children under 15 that include different experiences.
❖ Develop a concept of how it is possible to make an activity for car users of all ages.
❖ Highlighting the importance of working together to influence and improve our everyday lives.

The long-term goal is to find the shape together for a sustainable development that through various co-creation processes.